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We're Back!

Updated: Sep 24

A photo of the sky with the words "We're Back" on it.

Hello Everyone!

It has been at least a month since we've been able to work on the business due to being sick. Thankfully no one in our family had the dreaded COVID virus; however, I (Avanelle) came down with a serious case of Sinusitis that triggered intense migraine headaches. They were so severe! To the point that I could only lay in the bed all day; eat, take medicine and sleep on repeat for the past month. Due to COVID everything was extremely slow from getting in to see the doctor to CT-Scans and finally being able to schedule sinus surgery. It's been 11 days since the surgery, with my health gradually improving. I'm so thankful that it looks like the surgery was successful as there was a chance it wouldn't work. I'm not back at a 100% yet although I am finally able to get out of bed and be around my family.

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let y'all know what we've been dealing with over here. Hopefully everyone is staying safe through this crazy pandemic. I've already started the first of many to-do lists. Through all of this I'm so thankful to my parents especially my Mama who has basically taken complete care of me the past month.

​Any who we hope y'all will enjoy the new products we are going to have coming your way in the near future!



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