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Log Splitter Accident

Updated: Sep 24

We wanted to update everyone on why we had been so absent with our social media in January and the beginning of February. On Saturday, January 12, 2019, my dad had an unfortunate log splitter accident. He was cutting wood for our buck stove and somehow managed to amputate the tip of his left middle finger. Mama and I were not with him and received the phone call from home and were extremely upset and concerned as we had no idea to what extent his finger had been damaged.

​You can imagine our reaction, concern and anxiousness to learn what would happen to his finger. We arrived at Roper Saint Francis Emergency Room in West Ashley shortly after my dad and his friend did. It was not something that we would ever want anyone to endure. Waiting for the doctors to determine if the bone was exposed or if he would have to go into emergency surgery was the hardest part. They, of course, gave him pain medicine and sterilized the wound to ensure that no infection set in. We would end up waiting around six hours before he would be released from the emergency room.

The hand surgeon that was on call said that the bone was not exposed, and they would stitch up his finger for the time being. He had to schedule an appointment with the same hand doctor for the coming week. Thankfully he did not have to undergo surgery; however, the doctor said that in the future he might have to have surgery to grind the bone down. We are so extremely thankful that he didn't lose his finger although we are still waiting to see if his finger nail will grow back in. The nurses and the hand surgeon were all wonderful in taking care of him. We've learned over the years that it takes a special person to become a nurse or doctor, as not everyone has that call on their life.

We hope you've enjoyed the update on our family with dad's accident. It really slowed us down as well as another family member having to have minor surgery. Thank you so much for tagging along with us on our journey of life.


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A gloved hand with a bandage around the injured finger.
Daddy's Injured Finger

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