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Crafting Gone Wrong...

Updated: Sep 24

​​ Last Saturday I was decorating my family's home for spring by putting out our precious spring bunny flags along with the Easter wreath for our front door. We almost always have a wreath on the front door to dress it up and make it more inviting. During my decorating spree I brought out the wreath for our door, and it looked pitiful. My GrandaMa who was like Martha Stewart, before she was famous, had the ability to design a beautiful wreath that looked like the elegant and expensive store options. She designed this wreath for my Mama years ago and it was time to be revamped; however, neither my Mama nor I have ever made a wreath ourselves, so it was a daunting task. I just want to say that it wasn't Mama's idea to redo the wreath; that is all on me because I told her it looked rough.

On top of all my spring decorating, my dad was leaving the next day, Sunday, to fly to Montgomery, Alabama, for a work trip for the week. Mama was preoccupied with packing his clothes and making sure he had everything he would need. She gave me pointers like to take everything off the wreath then organize what you have so you have an idea of all your pieces. The goal was to create a new re-vamped spring wreath without having to purchase anything. After taking everything off the wreath I accessed what we had and realized I had no clue on how to put it back together with a fresh design. After finding inspiration I decided the focal point would be Easter eggs along with the beautiful bunny cross-stitch piece my Mama created several years ago. Now that we had decided on a design, we realized, of course; we don't have enough eggs to complete it. Never fear my Dad was already at Wally-World a.k.a. Walmart picking up several things for his trip and thankfully snagged us a few packs of glittery styrofoam eggs.

With the new eggs in hand I was determined to complete this wreath as I wanted to finish it before the day was over (or so I thought). Working away, hot gluing the eggs to the wreath everything was going splendidly. The biggest problem I was having was to decide which colors to place where. Then it happened! An Easter egg with an obscene amount of hot glue on it fell from my left hand over onto my right hand and burned me. We tried everything we knew to calm the burning pain; however, we ended up Saturday evening headed to the emergency room. I felt terrible that I had done something so stupid that resulted in what everyone knows will be an expensive emergency room visit as most visits are. We learned that I had second-degree burns and would need to visit the burn clinic on Wednesday for them to assess the damage.

Wednesday rolled around and we had to be up with the roosters as the burn clinic is only one day and first come first serve with doctors coming from Augusta, Georgia to treat patients. I'm going, to be honest, I was nervous and unsure of what they would have to do with the big blisters on my fingers. We learned we had two options: to clean the cut open blisters every day and bandage them or to have cadaver skin placed on them (i.e skin grafts). Let me tell you the first option sounded better and the second made my skin crawl. However, they told us the second option was extremely safe and clean while helping me to heal quicker. So I opted for the second route. After giving me pain medicine they cut the blisters open and immediately started placing the skin grafts. Thankfully the amazing nurses and doctors managed to keep me from passing out.

We'll have to return on this Wednesday to have the bandages removed and decide if I've healed enough or if we have to place them back on for another week. We're praying that they will be taken off because I can hardly do anything with these bandages and definitely can't work with any clay! I know that it was excruciating when it happened and even after the skin grafts were placed; however, I'm so very thankful that it wasn't worse. It made me think about a man who used to live in the rural area around my GrandaPa who was burned severely all over is body and had to be airlifted to the Augusta burn unit. I'm so thankful that it was just a few fingers that I burned and not my entire body or my face. We have to be thankful even though we may be going through a tough time because more than likely someone else is going through something much worse.

Thanks for reading and I wanted to let y'all know why we've been so quiet this week. The most important thing to share is that Monday I completed the infamous 'Easter Wreath'!!! Thanks for the support and concern y'all have shared. Now get out into the pollen and enjoy the Spring while it lasts!


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