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Birthdays for Past Loved Ones

Updated: Sep 24

Monday marked four years we've celebrated the birthday of my GrandaMa, after her passing.

A picture of Betty Sue in her truck.
Betty Sue

Figuring out how to handle the birthdays for loved ones who have passsed can be extremely difficult. Every person and family may want to celebrate it differently with some celebrating their life and surrounding themselves with family while others would rather just make it through the day without a big fuss. We lost my GrandaMa four years ago this August and it has not been easy. The first year on her birthday was extremely hard with none of us wanted to be here so we went away for a couple of days to the Tennessee mountains. Her birthday is March 4, 1935, and she would have been 84 years young this year. The past three years we've gone to my grandparents home where you can still feel her presence all around you and celebrate with home cooked food while reminiscing.

​ My GrandaMa was a unique person; I don't think there is anyone else like her.

She was a self-taught artist and "Martha Stewart, before Martha Stewart existed." The one thing that she wanted everyone to know was that Jesus Christ was her Lord and Savior. She could start a conversation with anyone and ask them, "do you know Jesus?" Her personality was one of a kind. In many ways she reminds us of our Pastor, Jimmy Swaggart, whom she watched on Sonlife Broadcasting Network for many years. Grandama had such a hunger to learn more about Jesus and would study the Bible daily. Many people can't say that they've had a wonderful role model like I can. Before she passed she was one of my spiritual leaders and I knew without a doubt I could call her to ask her anything and the first thing she would say was, "have you prayed about it?" She believed along with my Mama that I was to start Daisee Mae Creations. I'm so thankful to have had her while I did.

After losing a loved one we tend to look back on how we may have mistreated them or what we did wrong and feel regret; however, we aren't supposed to do that. We can look back but ultimately we have to go to the Cross of Calvary and ask Jesus to forgive us and be willingly to forgive ourselves, as we can't change the past. Personally, I've had to do that very thing as I'm human and not perfect and neither was my GrandaMa, as wonderful as she was. Families can be complicated with so many different personalities that tend to clash at times. We have to be in constant prayer that the Lord will lead us and give us the correct attitudes towards people so we won't have to have those types of regrets if someone passes.

​I just wanted to share a little about my GrandaMa, Betty Sue, with y'all to add a more human aspect to our relationship instead of seemingly perfect social media posts.

In the words of my GrandaMa "I luvs ya!"


​Daisee Mae Creations

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