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Art is Messy...

Updated: Sep 24

A paint splattered photo with the words "Art is Messy".
Art is Messy

​​I recently told someone "art is messy and if you're not messy then you probably aren't doing it right." Don't get me wrong being organized is great and can help you create when you're able to see all of your art supplies. However I try to always pick up my work counter before starting a new project, and it just seems to help me work better. Maybe that is just my prerogative because when I'm in my creative process I always seem to make a mess no matter how hard I try to stay clean. Have you ever watched a movie involving an artist, and they show them creating while they are perfectly clean and not messy at all. I always wind up telling the TV "that's not realistic, artists understand that art can be chaotic."

That's part of my personality and yes I have a hard time remembering to put things up after I'm finished with it but I am trying to make a conscious effort (but let's be honest it doesn't always happen.) So if you find me in the middle of a creative process it's not pretty: I'll have my hair pulled back out of my face (usually still wet), work clothes on because I always get glaze or clay on myself while working, and no make up (YIKES).

Everyone has their own creative process maybe you're organized and don't make a mess while creating, you have an art degree and went to school for design, or maybe you're self-taught, like me, and glean all the information you can from the internet, books or fellow artists. It doesn't matter what kind of artist you are as long as you enjoy what you create. Have fun because art is what you make it and just think that the greatest artist of all created each one of us in His image!!!



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